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Whether you are in need of a temporary signs for a one-day event or a permanent sign to mark your location, ABC Signs offers many products created using materials from renewable resources, recycled or biodegradable content.

Here is a list of renewable and recyclable materials, biodegradable products.

Please contact us to find out more.
Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource with a fast growth cycle, resulting in higher material yield per acre than tree planting.

Corrugated Paper
Corrugated paper is a 100% eco-friendly product. It has been designed to replace existing PVC/plastic display products by utilizing natural, fully repulpable materials. The result is an innovative product delivering all of the same properties without any negative impact on the environment.

Zinc can be used for architectural signage like plaques and letters. Zinc is fully recyclable and one of the most abundant metals on the planet. Zinc can be recycled indefinitely - without loss of its physical or chemical properties.

LED Signage
Besides being incredibly bright, LED can save you money but cutting your businesses energy costs in half. Contact us to find out more about the many products and uses of LED technology. Not only will your wallet thanks but your children and their children.

LED Light Emitting Diodes are low voltage diodes that produce an exceptional amount of light but consume a low amount of energy. LED Lighting operates on either 12 or 24 volt systems and will last up to 100,000 hours. Neon on the other hand operates on a High Voltage system which consumes more power to operate your sign. It is a waste of energy to use neon when we have so many LED Accessories available today. With an LED Conversion, you will SAVE MONEY on your electric bill, and high cost service calls for neon repair. Low voltage LED Light Conversions is the future of electric signs.

To schedule a neon to LED Replacement service for your signs, just give a ring. You can even convert your monument and wall signs from fluorescent to LED!

Biodegradable Materials
There have been incredible advances in the type and amount of digitally printed materials that bio-degrade. Please contact us to find out the best green solution for your signage.

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